Fácil de usar, fácil Backup

There’s no break time when it comes to our backup. Once the software is up and running, it continually and automatically adds new and changed files to the cloud. That includes all the computers your business needs, NAS devices, external hard drives and even Windows servers (available with the Pro Prime plan). The backup works quietly in the background so you’ll never be interrupted.

data backup

Valet? Yes, please.

Want a hand installing our software? No problem! With our complimentary Valet Install service, you’ll be able to start your business data backup in 15 minutes. Over the phone, a TechniBank-IT representative will talk you through the whole process. They will use a remote assist tool to access your computer to install TechniBank-IT. Call our Business Team Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. to get started.

email us at sales@technibank-it.com.

One plan. Unlimited devices.

As your business grows, our plans grow with you. There’s no cap on computers or other devices on any of the Pro subscriptions. Our plans are broken out by data limits, 250 GB or 500 GB, with the option to add more storage. They’re designed to fit your business backup needs.

What can I back up?

What you need to keep your business running.







POS files

CRM files

Financial files


Jeffrey Benvenuti Business Sales Representative

Hometown: Waterford, Conn.

At TechniBank-IT since: October, 2013

Memorable moment: Everyday, working within such an intelligent and dedicated sales environment.

Did you know: I ride my bike to work every day.