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You can’t always leave your work behind come 5:00 p.m., but now you can pick up work from home (without even bringing your laptop!). The Sync & Share app, exclusively available to TechniBank-IT customers, syncs your work across all of your devices. There’s no need for special folders. Simply save your files as you normally would and they’ll sync across every device on which you’ve downloaded the app. Your desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet – you name it. You’ll have access to the latest version of your work, no matter what device you’re using.

Files on demand

The downloadable app works across your devices, so that when you make an update to any document, it’s instantly synced everywhere else. Your documents from the last 30 days will appear in a list on your app homepage – that’s anything you opened, edited and saved – immediately at-hand, whenever you need them. If you need something older than that, you can access it from your backed up files with the “Access Backup” button. And, you can easily collaborate with coworkers and business partners by sharing your documents directly from the app.

Start syncing and sharing

While included in your Pro plan, Sync & Share is a separate download from the TechniBank-IT software. Once you’ve subscribed to TechniBank-IT, you can easily install it on all of your devices using your dashboard.


Jerry MoengBusiness Sales Representative

Hometown: Berwick, Maine

At TechniBank-IT since: November, 2011

Memorable moment: Recovering lost data for a customer who is visually impaired and later receiving a thank-you letter in the mail.

Did you know: Though I was born an American citizen, my first language is Cambodian.

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